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Nowadays, with the decrease in computer components prices, it is normal to see more than one computer in a house/small business, this, added to the need to share the Internet connection and other devices such as printers and hard drives, guide to the installation and configuration of a network.

Normally the network core is a wireless modem/router provided by the ISP (Cytanet, Primetel, Cablenet, etc) providing the internet service and using the configuration that comes by default.

This type of networks usually have problems with ease, from the loss of connection to the theft of bandwidth by a neighbour or “hustler”.

We offer the following services to help you improve your home/small business network:

Network Security

A very high percentage of networks are installed without taking security into consideration, thus converting their networks into open networks, without protecting the information carried.

There are several alternatives to guarantee the security of these networks.

Our range of network security services include:

Deployment of data encryption protocols for Wi-Fi standards such as WEP and WPA, which are responsible for coding the information transmitted to protect their confidentiality, provided by the wireless devices themselves.

Access point Maintenance service: In addition to the installation, we will provide a technical assistance service. You will have the confidence to have at any time a technician to solve your doubts or problems.

Network & WiFi Services Summary

We offer the following services to help you improve your home/small business network:

  • Installation and configuration of computer networks, both wireless and wired.
  • Computer networks repair and fine tuning.
  • Configuration and improvement of security in computer networks.
  • WiFi coverage extension through the use of wifi repeaters, wifi extenders, wifi access points and/or antennas as well as the installation of new network devices.

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