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If you are looking for a custom built PC or desktop PC, then we are here to help. 

We specialize in custom built PCs that are built  to meet your needs and offer you great value for money.

The best quality in Custom build PC

You can customize your PC in your way to make sure that your PC is unique to you.

Designing your custom build PC

The first thing you have to do its to choose what type of PC you would like to build, after that you are ready to start choosing your components. 

You can choose what kind of case you would like and you can even add or remove the parts you need. 

Each PC comes with 2 years warranty.

Our technicians have the necessary skills to custom build any type of PC whether it is for gaming or systems built for greater productivity in the office.

We promise you the best prices along with a high level of service.

Below there is a list of the main PC parts that you have to choose before starting building your computer.

1. Motherboard

The foundation of a computer! A motherboard, also known as the "main board," is the central circuit hub that allows connection between all components and peripherals attached to the computer. 

It also allows all the components such as CPU, graphics card, hard drive and the memory to receive power and communicate with one another.

The motherboard is the most important part in a computer, so choose carefully what type of motherboard you really need.

2. Power Supply

The Power supply is one of the most important components in a PC. 

It powers up the whole system and without that the PC is incomplete. 

The decision of buying a power supply depends on three major things: Power Output, efficiency, Manufacturer.

3. CPU

The CPU is the Central Processing Unit of the computer.

A computer's CPU handles all the instructions it receives from hardware and software running on the computer.

CPU is the brain of the computer! Think carefully!

4. RAM

RAM is the main memory in a computer. 

It is the temporary work-space where instructions are executed and data are processed.

The amount of RAM in your computer is obviously an important factor. 

The more memory you have, the more 'room' there is in your computer for information and programs.

5. Hard Drive

The hard Drive is the primary storage device of the computer.

It is a non-removable device used for digital storage.

The most important characteristic of a hard drive is how much data the hard drive can store, referred to as the storage capacity.

6. Graphics Card (optional)

A graphics card allow you to add additional processing power to graphically intensive tasks like Gaming, 3D Visualization, Larger display environments and GPU (graphics processing unit) assisted computing.

How important is this to you?

Well, if you are able to use one of the chips that are included on the chip graphics processor, and if your graphics needs are low (general productivity) then it is very important at all.

But, if you need a chip or you want to do some of the things that GPUs are really good for, then it is become much more important. 

7. Case

The computer case is another of the important computer components that cannot be overlooked.

A computer case is the enclosure that contains most of the components of a computer.

Not only does it cover your CPU, motherboard, and other essential elements, it also provides protection and aesthetics for what would otherwise be an open collection of sensitive parts.

So taking the time to choose the right case can go a long way toward ensuring that your custom designed computer has a long and efficient life.

If you really want to design your own custom PC you are at the right place. 

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Our technicians will also give you as many advises as you need and help you choose the components that suit you best.

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