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Today we are going to discover the brand new portable wireless Bluetooth speakers by Sony.

The SRS-XB10 is the smallest and most basic of the new speakers in Sony's line of Extra Bass Bluetooth speakers.

At this size "extra bass" might be a stretch, but it does have a bit more punch than many competitors. 

These amazing speakers are available in six colors : black, white, blue, yellow, red and green. 

So let's see some more features!!

Big beats on the go

Wherever you go, bring some big beats with you. The SRS-XB10 is easy to carry and brings out the bass in your music. 

Bring dance music to life with EXTRA BASS

Get things going with EXTRA BASS
A passive radiator works with the monaural speaker to enhance low-end tones, giving bass a boost, despite the compact size. 

Any time, any place

The SRS-XB10 is compact and wireless so it’s easy to move. With a long battery life and a water-resistant surface, you’re free to pick it up and put it anywhere.  

Water-resistant design

Whether you’re listening to tunes indoors or outdoors, relax knowing the wireless speaker is IPX5 water-resistant

Up to 16 hours of battery life

Listen for longer with up to 16 hours of battery life.

Small and light design

Thanks to its compact size, you can pick up the speaker, pop it in your bag and take it anywhere you want. 

Add an extra speaker for stereo sound

Simply connect two wireless speakers for stereo sound.

Easy Bluetooth connectivity with NFC One-touch

Connect your smartphone with NFC One-touch and get the beats going in an instant.


                                                                          Sony SRS-XB10 Portable Wireless BLUETOOTH® Speaker

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