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Today we are going to talk about Sony turntables and specifically about the 5 stars award PS-HX500 turntable.

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Digitally captures analogue in its purest form

Hook-up the PS-HX500 turntable to your PC via USB, play a record, and capture every aspect of the vinyl with DSD 5.6MHz native conversion.

Convert your precious vinyl collection into High-Resolution Audio, take it out for a walk with your Walkman, or just sit back and enjoy playing your vinyl originals.

  Sony Turntable Cyprus Sony Turntable Cyprus

Vinyl goes portable in High-Resolution Audio

The PS-HX500 is equipped with a high-quality A/D convertor. So just connect it to your PC with a USB cable and record your vinyl as High-Resolution Audio tracks. 

This is a great way to backup your precious vinyl collection, or even take tracks outdoors with you on your Walkman.

Sony Turntable Cyprus

Transfer to Walkman and get going 

DSD files you’ve recorded can be transferred to compatible Walkman to be enjoyed outdoors. 

Carry that authentic analogue sound with you anytime, anywhere. 

Sony Turntable Cyprus

Advanced features to the heavy lifting

Simply connect the PS-HX500 to a PC’s USB port and convert your vinyl tracks into high quality digital ones. 

The supplied PC application lets you rip, edit and store tracks from your vinyl records.

DSD for reproduction that is truer to the source

DSD file format reproduces the subtlest nuances of sound, including the ambiance of the performance. 

This purity makes it an ideal way to capture and play back the warm expression of vinyl.

High Resolution Audio file formats

In addition to DSD-recorded DSF files, recording and playback of PCM-recorded WAV files is also supported.

Relive the master performances right away

Connecting the PS-HX500 with a high-quality audio component system enables you to enjoy all your vinyl with all the raw realism they can offer.

Sony Turntable Cyprus

Sound technologies for analogue enjoyment

Enjoy all the smooth and warm sound expressions your vinyl is capable of; the PS-HX500 is equipped with the high-quality audio technology to make it possible.

Turntable - stability in motion

The turntable uses the latest techniques to deliver extremely stable rotation for optimal and natural delivery of your music.

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