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Multi-room Audio & Video
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Nowadays the way we access video and audio content has drastically changed. Most of it is delivered on-demand or streamed over the Internet. Imagine, starting a show in one room and finishing it in another. Instead of every room having it’s own cable box, it’s own Blu-ray player, and it’s own apple TV, all of your sources can be installed in a single location and shared with any TV/Audio set in your house or on the go. With a few taps on your smart phone or tablet, you can access all of your content and have it playing in wherever you choose. We have solutions to match your specific needs  and will design and install your system to deliver a high-quality experience.

Flexible Installation

Multi-Room audio/video distribution systems can be designed and implemented in new buildings but and can also be retrofitted in most existing homes.

By using a whole home audio video distribution system You can locate all of your equipment in a central location. You can then place speakers and video displays wherever you like in your rooms, and use a keypad or mobile device (phone, tablet, etc) or pad in the wall of each room to control the system.

Multi Room Audio & Video

Simple Operation

We will deliver a system that is easy to use by even non-technical persons in a matter of minutes. You also don’t have to watch or listen to the same thing throughout the entire house. Choose a source for each room if you like and enjoy different sources throughout the house or switch as you please using your own mobile device if you want.

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