Managed IT Services


Managed IT Services by Fidelity basically means that we become your IT department. By outsourcing your IT department, our team of experts can oversee all or part of your organization’s technology including software & hardware maintenance and monitoring. We take care of the periodical IT tasks and procedures, so you can take care of your customers and grow your business.



  • Lower Operating Costs: Studies show that Managed Services cost less than hiring a full-time IT expert and can also contribute in reducing the overall company IT budget.
  • Access to Technical Knowledge and Expertise: With IT Managed Services, businesses are provided with the resource of a complete IT department with diverse IT knowledge.
  • Increased Productivity: Managed Services guarantee that IT systems are more stable due to constant monitoring and regular programmed maintenance.
  • Faster Problem Resolutions: Breaks and failures occur less frequently with Managed Services and are spotted quickly and resolved in a timely manner.
  • Peace of Mind: Your business has the assurance that its IT infrastructure will work when needed or call anytime an issue arises.



  • PC & Workstation Management: System Updates, Disc Clean Up, System Defragmentation, Log Review, Anti-Virus & Spy-ware Scan, Email & Message Continuity, Spam Filtering, Backups, Registry Tune Up & Clean Up, Desktop Support, PCI Compliance.
  • Server Management: System Updates, Disc Clean Up, System Defragmentation, Log Review, Anti-virus & Spyware Scan, Backups, Hardware Monitoring, 24/7 Monitoring, Server Support, PCI Compliance.
  • Firewall/Network Management: Firewall Configurations, System Updates, System Monitoring, Log Review, Firewall Support, Onsite Work, PCI Compliance.


DO you want to take advantage of IT Managed Services? Leave it to us and an experienced team, where each member specialises in their professional area, will be at your disposal to propose the best solutions and solve incidents in the most efficient way.

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