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AG & G Luxury Homes: Digital Transformation

The Scope of Work


AG & G contacted Fidelity Technology Solutions to discuss their digital infrastructure to explore ways of streaming lining their processes and internal communications.  A complete digital transformation to include:

▪ Review current email accounts and setup Corporate Office 365 Platform.

▪ Review current e-drive structure and setup One Drive.

▪ Review current website layout and content to address the SEO issues

▪ CRM design and implementation .


August 2021
Office 365,
The Approach and Service Provided

Since 1978, A.G. & G. Luxury Homes LTD has been serving prospective buyers interested in making Cyprus their home. A family run business with highest level of commitment, responsibility and initiative to meet all of their obligations and provide outstanding customer satisfaction.

Fidelity in conjunction with AG&G management team began the Digital Transformation Project.

AG&G Digital Transformation

The digital transformation consisted of the following:



  • Backup and migration of current website to new hosting platform
  • Layout and content changed
  • SEO corporate policies reviewed and goals set
  • Website SEO and Maintenance implemented


  • Reviewed all current email accounts
  • Setup Corporate Office 365 Platform including Outlook 365, Teams, OneDrive, Sharepoint, etc
  • Setup up email Client on each user PC and mobile device


  • Reviewed existing e-drive and recreated structure on OneDrive.
  • Uploaded all content
  • Setup users with pre-defined criteria


  • Identified all areas of the business that involved the customer
  • Identified the business processes to manage the interactions with the customer
  • Developed and implemented the CRM technology
  • Trained key users

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