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Apollonio Private Hospital: Digital Signage, Info kiosk, Smart Queuing

The Scope of Work


When the CIO of Apollonio Private Customer approached us regarding Digital Signage & Smart Queuing System, Fidelity had to ensure the integration ran as smoothly as possible and the project was delivered on time.  The scope of work included:

▪ Share Content on several devices through centralised equipment and application management platform.

▪ Installation of  Digital Signage and connection of special hardware equipment to new or existing monitors.

▪ Installation of Info kiosks for issuing an access number with thermal printer and at the same time display ads, offers, announcements etc.

▪ Installation of Smart Queuing System with visual notification, sms and web app
via QR CODE.


June 2020
The Approach and Service Provided

Apollonio Private Hospital is an modern facility whose main purpose is the provision of the best possible and most complete medical care a patient can benefit from. In order to improve queue management on various departments, an automated solution needed to be designed and implemented.

Fidelity in conjunction with its strategic business partner IT Concept, contributed to deploy Apollonio Private Hospital Smart Queuing application management platform, Info Kiosk and Digital Signage screens.

Apolllonio Hospital Digital Signage and Qeueing Syatem

The final automated solution consisted of the following:


Queue Management System

  • Increase the efficiency of provided services
  • Serve more customers with the necessary security measures
  • Reduce queue time and Improve Customers’ waiting experience


Queue Tickets may or may not be paperless, but in any case patients do not have to touch a button to get them. Through touch or motion, customers can get a paper ticket or an electronic pass with a priority number from a motion sensor, without coming into contact with a surface touched by hundreds of other hands. How? Smart Pass Queue Management Contact or contactless version. The result? Patients get a queue number, staying safe!


QR Code

Wherever you choose to place the QR codes, the patient is able to use the camera of his mobile phone to “read” where the queue position is at any time as well as be notified when his number is approaching in the queue for service!


Mobile App

Encourages patients to download the app, giving them one more reason to do so and perhaps most importantly! Their safety! To stay safe but at the same time stay active. Through the mobile application, patients can monitor the queue and be informed every time their number approaches to be served. Save them time and energy to do more while releasing, a place for another patient, who will enter to be attended!


Info Kiosk& Digital Signage

Touch Totems located at strategic locations for: issuing access ticket number, browsing and continuous advertising for as long as the patient waits until he enters the premises. A special system for identifying and counting people can be located at the entrance of the space and determine how many people can still enter or forbids entry until someone leaves the area, so you can be sure of the number of patients per square meter, while updates are displayed outside the waiting area.

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