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Clock Café: Digital Signage & CMS Project

The Scope of Work


When the Clock Café approached us for their new project they tasked us with two major challenges:

  • To showcase their products through attractive Digital Menus thereby engaging their customers and increasing sales.
  • Broadcast Live TV (Sports & Other Popular Transmissions) while simultaneously presenting useful information and product offers.
Clock Cafe
August 2019
Digital Signage by LG
The Approach and Service Provided

Fidelity was approached once again by a long term customer, the Clock Café, to assist with their new project.   Driven by research that proves that digital signs increases customer engagement and sales, they wanted to showcase their products using attractive digital menus in their newest cafe.  Following an onsite meeting it was established what their requirements would encompass and installation and implementation was scheduled.

Clock Cafe

Clock Cafe Managing Team
“Fidelity developed a strategy that fulfilled all the requirement to remotely manage our menu changes, creative design and live TV scheduling four our cafe.”

We developed a strategy to communicate product details, special offers and TV shows using:

  • Content Management
  • Ad Scheduling

Using a range of featured products as content images, combined with attractive menus and carefully considered scheduling, we were able to effectively communicate the daily menus and offers to engage and attract customers by using:

  • Professional Digital Signage Monitors
  • HD TV’s
  • Digital Signage Software.

Clock Café can now manage their digital signage network remotely with the ability to change the menus and creative content to respond to seasonal and daily offers, as well as tailor-made campaigns and ads during LIVE TV events.

Ensuring that the Clock Café has an innovative, creative digital signage network that continues to capture the attention of customers in the shop and passing trade.

Clock Cafe Digital Signage

Fidelity Technology Solutions were responsible for all levels of support at Clock’s Café, working closely with both end-user and management as well as third-party suppliers to deliver full IT support and the Digital Signage Infrastructure.

Clock’s Café continued investment in IT ensures they can be up and running 24/7 365 D/Y and that their systems remain scalable with their business. With the help of Fidelity they can ensure a more agile approach to technology in the long term.

Fidelity continues to work with Clock’s Café on a consultancy basis, advising them of how new technology can be implemented within the Group.

The relationship between Fidelity and Clock Cafe continues to be successful.

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