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Elysia Park: IT Turnkey Infrastructure Project

The Scope of Work


When Mr. Sam Koudounis (Managing Director at the Elysia Park Luxury Holiday Residences) approached us He faced two major challenges with regard to technology and required a dedicated IT support and services partner to handle them.

▪ When the level and consistency of IT support from his previous suppliers started to decrease, and issues with the use of third-party products and infrastructure came up, The Elysia Park decided it was time to move to a new supplier. But could one supplier handle the operations previously overseen by multiple suppliers?

Fidelity Technology Solutions, with its strong background in IT support and managed services, was excited to be selected for this challenging project. The teams from both companies worked in coordination from day one to deliver real results with minimal disruption and within a reasonable timeframe.

▪ As well as this, The Elysia Park was about to move to its newly built administration offices block, so the company required support with integrating IT systems, coordinating the deployment of the newly acquired HMS software, setting up a secured network infrastructure, deploying a managed Digital Signage platform, restructuring the use of Office 365 and its multiple collaboration tools and many more .

This meant Fidelity had to work with multiple third-party suppliers as well as previous IT supplier to ensure the integration ran as smoothly as possible for both employees and end-users.

April 2019
Office 365, Fidelio, Digital Signage by Fidelity
Ubiquiti, UniFi, Sony, HP, Grandstream
The Approach and Service Provided

When it came to transitioning from Elysia Park old supplier, the aim for Fidelity was to ensure that there was as little disruption as possible to the end-user and his customers.

This could only be achieved by making sure a close working relationship with the Elysia team could be established, through interactive communication and the technical background that comes with the Fidelity team.

Fidelity provided 1st, 2nd and 3rd line support via a team of four professionals, including a full-time on-site support engineer. Fidelity worked to deploy Elysia administration building IP telephony solution and a secure Network environment as well as WiFi coverage for both corporate and guest visitors. This was rolled out ahead of the apartments and bungalow blocks, enabling Elysia to integrate the businesses and all employees more effectively.

More recently, the team at Fidelity was called to design and deploy the IP TV broadcasting, IP telephony and WiFi coverage for all the residences within the complex (Over 100 units). Upon completion of this task Fidelity regularly advises and assists the Elysia Management Group on the best way to leverage the installed technology to add long term value.

The Elysia Park Luxury Residences operates in a complex industry with very tight margins, so the strategic partnership with Fidelity aims to identify where efficiencies can be made so the business can operate in a more streamlined manner.

Sam Koudounis

Managing Director - Elysia Park
“Thank You Fidelity for helping us design, develop and deploy all technology related tasks in our Project and for your impeccable ongoing support”
Elysia Park Cyprus

Fidelity Technology Solutions is now responsible for all levels of support for Elysia Park IT systems, working closely with both end-users and management as well as third-party suppliers to deliver full IT support.

Elysia’s continued investment in IT ensures they can be up and running 24/7 365 D/Y and that their systems remain scalable with the business. This means it can be continuously built upon with the help of Fidelity, ensuring a more agile approach to technology in the long term.

Fidelity continues to work with Elysia on a consultancy basis, advising them of how technology can be implemented within the Group and used as a growth enabler.

The relationship has been such a success because both businesses share a people-centric approach driven by strategic insights and pride themselves on longstanding relationships.

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