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The International School: Boarding House Project

The Challenges


When the International School of Paphos approached us for the New Project they faced three major challenges:

1. IT Infrastructure for the 1st Boarding House in Cyprus

  • Secured network environment.
  • WiFi on all students rooms with internet security restrictions to make sure internet access is controlled .
  • TVs & Playstations installation in the entertainment room with the ability to see and control the content of the TVs any time from the main building.

2. PBX Telephony Systems at International School main building

  • Analog to IP Telephone (100 phone devices)

3. Digital Signage at School's coffee shop

  • Two digital screens to showcase the food/drink menus & notifications.
August 2019
Office 365, Fidelio, Digital Signage by Fidelity
Ubiquiti, UniFi, Sony, HP, Grandstream
The Approach and Service Provided

Fidelity was approached by its long term customer the International School of Paphos to assist with a new project in the newly built boarding house: Network & Internet Infrastructure. Following an onsite meeting it was established that their requirements would encompass three different managed networks.

The WiFi network would cover all the main areas in the boarding house and would require strict security protocols for the safety of the residents. The wired network would accommodate all the administration requirements in the boarding house. The final network would control the security door systems. All very different networks that required different levels of security and protocols, but nothing that the Fidelity Team couldn’t handle.

Following the successful completion of the boarding house project we moved on to the installation of the PBX Telephone System in the main building. This project involved liaising with Cyta and changing all the analog telephone to IP telephones. There were over 100 phones to program many of which had different dialing rules to be applied.

International School of Pafos Fidelity Technology Solutions

Fidelity Technology Solutions is responsible for all levels of support at The International School of Paphos IT Systems Infrastructure, working closely with both end-users and management as well as third-party suppliers to deliver full IT support.

International School’s continued investment in IT ensures they can be up and running 24/7 365 D/Y and that their systems remain scalable with the business. This means it can be continuously built upon with the help of Fidelity, ensuring a more agile approach to technology in the long term.

Fidelity continues to work with International School on a consultancy basis, advising them of how technology can be implemented within the Group and used as a growth enabler.

The relationship has been such a success because both businesses share a people-centric approach driven by strategic insights and pride themselves on longstanding relationships.

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