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Kennedy Square Kiosk: CCTV/Computer & Networking

The Scope of Work



imitris Tsimouris, Kennedy Kiosk Owner,  approached us to assist him with the supply and installation of a robust and scalable CCTV system together with computer equipment that would have dual functionality, all of which to be installed in his new Kiosk in Kennedy Square.   CCTV which is a closed-loop system where everything being broadcasted stays in-house.

Dimitris Tsimouris
August 2020
HP, SkyHawk, Dahau
The Approach and Service Provided

Following a site survey we were able to provide Dimitris with a comprehensive proposal to meet all his CCTV and IT needs for his new kiosk.

Positioning the CCTV cameras and installing the necessary networking and IT equipment required both our CCTV and IT Departments to work together to provide the end to end result required.

Dimitris Tsimouris

“Thank you for your expertise"

The scope of work and time frames were achieved in a timely manner for the final kiosk opening date.  Full training was provided and the system is operating 24/7, providing peace of mind for Dimitris.


Services Provided

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