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Peter Morton Removals: Network, Internet, CCTV & Alarm Systems

The Scope of Work


When Debbie (Co-Founder ) of Peter Morton Removals approached us regarding their business relocation she faced three major challenges, the moving of their telephony system, all their IT equipment plus the installation of a new CCTV and Alarm system.

This meant Fidelity would work with third-party suppliers to ensure the integration ran as smoothly as possible and the project was delivered on time.  The scope of work included:

▪ New Telephony system installed with cabling, wiring and extensions setup.

▪ Installation of new internet cabling for the correct placement of the workstations.

▪ Setup of workstations and printers.

▪ Data Server relocation.

▪ Supply and installation of cameras throughout the building for CCTV

▪ Cabling and installation of alarm system

July 2017
Microsoft, CYTA BBT
HP, Dlink, Ubiquiti, Dahua, Eaton
The Approach and Service Provided

Peter Morton Removals is a shipping, removal and storage Company in Cyprus, so when it comes to removals Peter Morton are experts in their field and they know the importance of using the right company for the right job. Fidelity and Peter Morton Removals have a long term business relationship so they knew we were the right company for the job.

As Fidelity are Cyta Partners we were able to create a timeline to make sure all of their services were moved with the company.

Fidelity worked to deploy Peter Morton Removals new offices which required the moving of their IP Telephony, WiFi (Indoor/Outdoor), cabling management, hardware relocation,  design and installation of their server room and the installation of security cameras and CCTV.

Debbie Morton

“Thank You Fidelity for all your help in relocating all our telephones, internet, hardware to our new warehouse and office"
PMR Relocation

All aspects of the move were completed in line with the time scale and the new offices and warehouse technology infrastructure were successfully installed.

Peter Morton Removals are aware of the importance of technology to their business and ensuring they are always ‘up and running’ was essential, having the peace of mind they are supported was the deciding factor in having a Fidelity Support Plan. Fidelity Technology Solutions are responsible for all levels of support for Peter Morton Removals systems, working closely with both end-users and management as well as third-party suppliers to deliver full IT support.

Peter Morton Removals’ continued investment in IT ensures they can be up and running 24/7 365 D/Y and that their systems remain scalable with the business. This means it can be continuously built upon with the help of Fidelity, ensuring a more agile approach to technology in the long term.


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