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Z&X Group – IP Telephony, Audio & CCTV Systems

The Scope of Work



hen Anna Maria (Z & X Business Strategy & Operations Executive) approached us regarding their office relocation and the challenges they faced with regard to the relocation of their technology.  Having had a long and successful business relationship with Fidelity, she knew we were the right company for the job.  The scope of work included:

▪ Relocate and install new internet connection.

▪ Relocate and install ‘on-premise ‘telephony system.

▪ Relocate and install IT network.

▪ Install CCTV.

▪ Install Audio System.

This meant Fidelity had to work with multiple third-party suppliers to ensure the integration ran as smoothly as possible for employees. The teams from both companies worked in coordination from day one to deliver real results with minimal disruption and within a reasonable timeframe.

Z&X Group
January 2020
Office 365, Fidelio, OCG System,
Ubiquiti, UniFi, Sony, Dahua, HP, Grandstream
The Approach and Service Provided

Z & X Group is one of the largest Mechanical Engineering, Holiday Villas and Car Hire companies in Cyprus.

▪ Installing Internet access in a new place is not simple. Internet Service Providers must be notified far enough in advance to schedule and complete the move. As Fidelity Technology Solutions are partners with CYTA we were able to arrange the smooth transition of the relocation, installation and setup in their new office

▪ When moving an ‘on-premise’ phone system, it is important that the disconnection is done correctly.  Our IT team have the expertise required to properly disconnect and reconnect each phone within the phone system, working closely with the Internet Service Provider.

▪ The installation of the CCTV must be carefully planned with the management to ensure it fulfilled their requirements.

▪ Like many businesses the need for an audio system is a ‘must’ in modern offices today, again this takes carefully planning with management.

Anna Maria

Z & X Business Strategy & Operations Executive
Our Office relocation ran smoothly and all our technology requirements were fulfilled by Fidelity Technology Solutions ..... Thanks Guys
Office Relocation

The team from Fidelity Technology Solutions successfully deployed IP Telephony, WiFi network, CCTV Cameras, Audio System and the relocation and setup of their IT infrastructure at the new offices for the Z & X Group.

The Z & X Group operate in a complex industry with very tight margins, so the strategic partnership with Fidelity aims to identify where efficiencies can be made so the business can operate in a more streamlined manner.

Fidelity Technology Solutions ensure that the Z &X Group IT systems are monitored and maintained through one of their tailor-made support packages
Z & X Group continued investment in IT ensures they can be up and running 24/7 365 D/Y and that their systems remain scalable with the business. This means it can be continuously built upon with the help of Fidelity, ensuring a more agile approach to technology in the long term.

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