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Hotel Mobile App

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    Hotel Mobile App

    Your own content directly on your visitor’s devices

    The application is multilingual and all types of media content are supported.

    Get your own mobile app and combine it with the capabilities of OCG!!

    View & Advertise
    Showcase the facilities, advertise your products and services and anything else you wish.

    Offer your visitors the ability to place orders and reservations directly from their device.

    Data collection
    Collect all the necessary information so that you can contact them via notifications.

    OCG mobile application
    The OCG mobile application uses the data you choose to view from the main OCG platform.
    This means that you do not need to enter data again and again.

    • Save time and impressions with a latest generation application.
    • Increase the popularity of your business
    • Find your customers’ preferences while increasing your consumption and profits!!

    With the built-in layout editor, save templates and use them wherever and whenever you want.

    • It adapts to your corporate identity.
    • Your content is stored securely.
    • Unlimited storage space for your data.
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