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Info Channel

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    Info Channel – Your TV Channels

    Create your TV channels and project them through RF and IP

    Create your custom TV channels fast and easy.
    Any kind of media is supported and the system is multilingual.

    Program 2-4 TV channels and project the content you like at your customers TVs.

    Share with your customers useful advices and give directions.

    Inform customers about products and services and promote and advertise.

    “Build” it exactly as you want, easily and quickly!

    With the built-in layout editor, save templates and use them wherever you want.

    • Adjustable at your own company profile.
    • Your content is saved and secured.
    • Unlimited space for saving your data.

    Program photos, videos, articles, information and whatever you want to promote.Push the Update button and the data will be served immediately at TVs. So easy, quick and simple.

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