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    Smart Hub Installation or Setup

    Have too many different controls for all your smart devices? Get one hub to rule them all! Have a Tech install your smart hub and consolidate all of your controls into one easy-to-use system.

    Service Includes:

    • Set up and configure one smart hub
    • Connect your smart home devices to your smart hub
    • Install and connect any associated mobile application
    • Demonstrate smart hub functionality

    What is a Smart Hub?

    A smart hub for is software or hardware that connects devices on a home automation network and controls communications among them. 

    Smart hubs for homes can be connected either locally or to the cloud.

    They connect your home internet of things (IoT) devices that use the Zigbee or Z-Wave protocols or Bluetooth, rather than Wi-Fi.

    Smart home hubs are the connector of your smart home devices,  a central appliance connecting all the gadgets around your house,

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