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    TV Dismount or Remount

    Need to get that TV off the wall? Our Techs will help you dismount and make sure you stick the landing!

    Service Includes:

    • Dismount your TV from the wall
    • Disconnect and remove any relevant AV components
    • Neatly package the TV and components in a box you provide
    • Remove the mount from the wall
    • Conceal in-wall rated wires where applicable (additional charges apply)

    What is a TV dismount/remount?

    This service is suitable when you want to remove a TV that is already mounted or mounting a new TV in the same location using the existing wall mount.

    Unprofessional dismounting can damage your TV or wall. By using professional TV dismount tools you make sure that the TV is secure and looks elegant on the wall.

    So, let Fidelity Team handle this for you and make sure that your TV is protected. 

    Types of TV Wall Mounts

    There are three main types of TV wall mount brackets:

    1. Fixed brackets
    2. Tilting brackets
    3. Full-motion brackets.
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