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Vogels SOUND 3200 Speaker Wall Mount 5kg White



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Get more out of your speaker

  • Integrate your speaker seamlessly into your interior design by mounting it anywhere on your wall with the Vogel's SOUND 3200 wall mount.
  • The mount can be placed high or low, out of sight or in plain view – the wide turn (70°) and tilt (30° up and down) capacity make sure that you can always angle your speaker to sound best. 
  • This low-profile speaker mount provides secure support for your speaker and comes in black or white to match the colour of your speaker. 
  • Installing the bracket perfectly straight is a breeze, thanks to the integrated spirit level.

Angle your speaker so it sounds best

  • The Vogel's wall mount for your speaker helps you save space while still creating the best listening position.
  • Easily adjust your speaker angle with one hand, and immerse yourself in music like never before.

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