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Wifi Hotspot

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    Wifi Hotspot

    Weefee – The Hotspot that offers more than just access to the Internet

    Weefee Hotspot is a complete tool that suits all types of businesses in order to advertise your products, services, events and more.

    • The user who accesses the internet acquires access to your products and services
    • You enrich your database with your customers’ data as well as useful information to provide better service.
    • At the same time, you are monitoring statistics in real time, so that you do not waste a minute on the progress of your business.

    The wifi has changed!

    With Weefee, your customers enjoy services in addition to their internet access.

    • Ιncreases the positive reviews of your business
    • Allows you to do cross selling
    • Creates a database with detailed data & preferences of each customer

    Increase the popularity of your business. Find your customers’ preferences while increasing your consumption and profits!!

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