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    A safe and secure network starts at your router which should be updated with the latest security features regularly. Hackers and cyber criminals are exploiting unsecured WiFi connections to steal passwords and even your personal information. If you have any doubt about your system’s security, let Fidelity fortify your connection and ease your mind. An expert tech will make sure you’re running the latest firmware, optimize your frequency, advise on best practices for security credentials, and troubleshoot any connectivity issues. And to maximize your WiFi security, your tech will also recommend the appropriate devices that will resolve any vulnerabilities found.

    Service Includes:

    • Update your Wi-Fi station to the latest version of its “firmware” or software system
    • Implement the optimal encryption protocol (e.g. WEP, WPA, WPA2, WPA3) for your environment
    • Advise you on creating secure login credentials
    • Recommend additional device(s) or software to optimally secure your network
    • Perform virus and malware scan of one computer


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