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ESL (Digital Price Tags)
Electronic Shelf Labels
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Electronic Shelf Labels are a key technological tool for any business, because it allows to have all the information of a product – price, nutritional data, promotions, procedures and other details – in a digital way, always updated and clear, to streamline internal processes and improve the user experience.

Electronic digital price tags and their gateways are installed in each location where they are to be used. It is important to clarify that you need an internet connection. On the other hand, in a centralized server, the software that manages each of the labels and their locations is installed.
In the event that it is necessary, for example, to modify the price of a product, when doing so in the customer’s database, the change is made automatically on the display associated with that product. In this way, the information is updated all the time.

Although supermarkets and large storage spaces were the first to join the trend, in practice electronic labels are so effective that their use is spreading to other verticals: the manufacturing industry, pharmacies, hospitals, hotels, etc. warehouses, assembly lines, among many other areas, where up-to-date and agile information is what makes the difference in retail commercial management.

Electronic Shelf Labels - ESL


The main benefit is that they provide the familiar visual format that we are all used to recognizing, but with a digitized system behind that allows us to handle, at the same time, all the information of the products. This optimizes internal price marking processes in businesses and speeds up work times in retail stores, factories and other establishments.


Electronic labels go beyond the current concept of “labels” because, although they occupy the same space and are meant to maintain a similar aesthetic, they adapt to the information needs that today’s businesses require to operate efficiently.

ESL Management Solution
Solum Newton - AIMS Workflow

SoluM Newton electronic labels are easy to install, monitor and update

You will only need a server and a PC to create spectacular templates that you can send to any label, anywhere and in seconds. We customise the software to use and integrate into your ERP and the corresponding data sources and configure the wireless network, which connects your control panel with the labels in the stores outside the Wi Fi frequency band, therefore it is totally safe, robust and free of interference.

With a wide variety of label sizes and extraordinary image quality, brightness and color consistency, and an incredibly small infrastructure platform, we offer you the optimal solution to obtain the maximum value from your price management and promotion strategies.

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