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Antreas Ioannou Architects: Website Development & Design

The Scope of Work


When Mr. Antreas Ioannou approached us they required their online presence to be on the latest Wordpress website platform with the following attributes:

▪ Website Development

▪ Website Design in corporate style and colors

▪ Contact Forms with email redirections

▪ Hamburger style menu

▪ Projects Portfolio

Social media integration

▪ Mobile Friendly


April 2023
The Approach and Service Provided

Antreas Ioannou Architects decided to create a website with the latest WordPress version, in order to develop their online presence.

Having previously worked with Fidelity on several different technology services and projects the management of  Antreas Ioannou Architects asked the Fidelity team to them to plan, develop and design their new website.

Fidelity Technology Solutions have the expert framework knowledge of the WordPress Platform including widget development, CMS customizations, plugin deployment and the correct SEO practices which  were essential for this kind of project.  The choice of images and styles being of the upmost importance for the overall feel of the website, ensuring they were fit for purpose and also scalable but they also had to be in keeping with the meaning and style of Antreas Ioannou Architects. Once again the Fidelity Team met the challenge and the results speak for themselves.

Antreas Ioannou Architects Cyprus

Fidelity Technology Solutions is now responsible for the Hosting and SSL of Antreas Ioannou Architectsnew website.

Fidelity continues to work closely with Antreas Ioannou Architects on their new website and their technological matters, advising them of how technology can be implemented within their group and used as a growth enabler.

The relationship has been such a success because both businesses share a people-centric approach driven by strategic insights and pride themselves on longstanding relationships.


Visit their website: Antreas Ioannou Architects

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