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Artsound FLAT FL502BT Flat Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers (PAIR)



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Superior price-quality

This series proves that quality doesn't have to be expensive. Excellent bass and clear details at an affordable price. Plus, a suspension system that allows a quick installation. An honest speaker set that never lets you down. For anyone who wants to enjoy a warm, no-nonsense sound. 

Subtle design

The frame of the Flat in-wall speakers is 1 millimeter wide and 4 millimeters thick. The design is strikingly slim for a particularly pleasant sound.

Bluetooth speaker

This speaker has an amplifier and bluetooth on board. In just a moment, you can connect your smartphone and display your favourite music. You can connect it with a smartboard, a projector, and so on. That makes it particularly versatile.

Aside from that it also still has an AUX-entry, suitable for every source. Because we want nothing less than the ultimate sound quality, we added the latest audio technology. That is what you hear.

Easy Installation

The speaker is very easy to install with the self-tightening clamps. The grille is magnetic and will be connected in one click.

Kit consists of 1 x Active + 1 Passive Flat Ceiling Speakers

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