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Midland Radio G-Series PMR G15 Pro PMR Radio Single



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The G15 Pro is the leading walkie talkie in the professional category. With a durable aluminium chassis and truly high-performance water protection, take it wherever you want and mistreat it too. You will always find it there, next to you, ready to help you in your endeavours. 

The G15 Pro has a new frequency: extended (from 446.00625 to 446.19375 MHz) and 16 new channels to extend your communications. Throw it in the mud, leave it in the rain and even in the sand: it won't betray you and you won't want to do it either. It is waterproof and dustproof, certified. G15 Pro is quick: to select channels, to activate voice transmission using the VOX function, it warns you when the battery is running out (new feature). Of course, it also does what is expected of a walkie talkie: scans channels (SCAN function) and monitors them (Monitor). It is compatible with Motorola jacks (yes, you can switch to the dark side more easily than you think) and it weighs two hundred grams. Two hundred grams! G15 Pro: your business walkie talkie saves time and money.

What's in the box

  • Transceiver
  • Belt clip
  • Wall adaptor
  • Rechargeable battery pack
  • Desktop charger

Compatible earphones: MA31-M

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