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Natec PORIFERA Wireless Rechargeable Keyboard 2.4GHz + BT



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Prioritize ergonomics and eliminate wrist pain with the specially designed wireless Natec Porifera keyboard. Equipped with a soft pad attached by magnets, well-thought-out profiling, and flat, quiet X-Scissors mechanism keys – these elements will allow you to comfortably position your hands and alleviate discomfort even during the longest sessions, enabling you to work more efficiently. Connect it with devices using the triple communication mode and enjoy controlling multiple devices simultaneously. A plethora of additional functions and compatibility with any system will provide the freedom that will significantly enhance your daily work.

Working at the computer and tired of wrist, arm, or even back pain? Each of these discomforts could be related to improper hand positioning, leading to muscle tension and fatigue. Natec Porifera was designed to support you in your everyday work. The gently curved keyboard frame encourages a more natural hand position, while the eco-leather wrist pad, detachable, helps reduce pressure on nerves and vessels, eliminating the tingling sensation. Get rid of pain and fatigue, and work more efficiently, even up to 30% more.

A simple email? Chatting with friends? Or maybe a short post on social media? No matter what you're doing, with Natec Porifera, typing takes on an entirely new significance. This is thanks to the keys, which we've equipped with a precise X-Scissors mechanism. It provides stability and smooth key operation across the entire surface. Comfort is also ensured by their entirely flat shape. You no longer need to bend your fingers to fit them on high-profile, traditional keys. Thanks to this, you can write faster, all without pain and fatigue

Working on multiple devices and want to control them with a single keyboard, without the need for re-pairing or switching the receiver? With Natec Porifera, this is possible. Utilize the Bluetooth 5.0 connection, which allows you to connect two devices. The third one can be managed using the 2.4 GHz transmitter. You can switch between them using functions hidden under the "Q," "W," and "E" buttons. Moreover, working with different systems will be as straightforward as ever, thanks to dedicated shortcut keys you are already familiar with. Worried about the range? That's not something you need to be concerned about. Natec Porifera enables you to work with devices even up to 10 meters away.

Use 106 keys, out of which a whopping 12 are dedicated to multimedia control. Manage volume, scroll, launch the browser, and expedite routine daily tasks. Do you enjoy working at night? In addition to silent operation, you can also rely on the 3-level white backlighting for each key. No more searching for the right combination blindly.

Natec Porifera is a wireless keyboard that you can effortlessly recharge with the included 1.5-meter angled USB-C cable. Forget about regular battery replacements and additional expenses. This ergonomic model is equipped with a spacious 750mAh battery that ensures long working hours on a single charge. Moreover, Natec Porifera features an intelligent energy management system. Thanks to this, the keyboard will automatically enter sleep mode when idle. You can also manually switch it off with the designated switch. This will help conserve energy and further extend the working time on a single charge. It's all up to you.

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