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Elpis Medical Centre: Website Redesign

The Scope of Work



hen Mr Panayiotis approached Cyprus PWS Web Design by Fidelity as he required a re-designed of their existing website to promote their services.  To fulfill their re-design wish list the following would be included:

  • Re-designing of the new home page and other template pages
  • All designs would work across all platforms; desktop, tablet, and smart-phone screen sizes and take into consideration the standards-based technology
  • All templates would include the current SEO standings and other technical issues related to a website redesign and SEO configuration
June 2023
The Approach and Service Provided

Fidelity re-designed their website taking into consideration current trends and the all important aspects of SEO.

Fidelity Technology Solutions have expert framework knowledge of the WordPress Platform including widget development, CMS customizations, plugin deployment and the correct SEO practices which are essential for this kind of project.  The choice of images and styles was of the utmost importance for the overall feel of the website, ensuring they were fit for purpose.

Elpis Medical Centre Cyprus

Cyprus PWS Web Design by Fidelity Technology Solutions delivered a fully functional website with the design and functionality to successfully represent Elpis Medical Centre in their marketplace.

During our business working relationship with Elpis Medical Centre, Fidelity provided the following services to re-designed their website:

  • Redesign the Home Slider with possible Video Footage
  • Redesign the Footer to accommodate social media integration
  • Add Call To Action Buttons on strategic Locations
  • Redesign the menu and color thematic
  • Assess and implement elements where feasible
  • Review functionality, appearance and SEO factors throughout the site

Visit their website:  Elpis Medical Centre

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