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Cydive E-Commerce & Website Development

The Scope of Work



hen Cydive approached Cyprus PWS Web Design by Fidelity they required an online presence in the form of an E Commerce website to project their services across the Island. To fulfill their wish list the following would have to be included:

  • Event Calendar
  •  Online Bookings 
  • E - Commerce Module
  • Minimal & Luxury Design 
  • Easy to navigate
April 2023
Wordpress, WooCommerce
The Approach and Service Provided

When Fidelity was approached by the Cydive team, they required to plan, develop and design their website.

Fidelity Technology Solutions have the expert framework knowledge of the WordPress Platform including widget development, CMS customizations, plugin deployment and the correct SEO practices which  were essential for this kind of project.  The choice of images and styles being of the upmost importance for the overall feel of the website, ensuring they were fit for purpose.


Cyprus PWS Web Design by Fidelity Technology Solutions delivered a fully functional e commerce website with the design and functionality to successfully represent Cydive in the ever expand e commerce marketplace and services.

Cydive continue to invest in their online presence by enrolling in a dedicated SEO package provided by Fidelity, the constant monitoring of trends, keywords, links and competition ensure they can be ahead of their competition.

The relationship has been such a success because both businesses share a people-centric approach driven by strategic insights and pride themselves on longstanding relationships.

During our business working relationship with Cydive, Fidelity have also provided the following services to Cydive:

  • Dedicated Web Press Hosting
  • SEO
  • Google Ads


Visit their website:  Cydive

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