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Marinakis Property Developers – Larnaca: Interactive Digital Signage Totem Project

The Scope of Work


Fidelity was approached by Marinakis Property Developers in Larnaca for a Totem for indoors to show their presentations and virtual tours.

The Digital Signage Monitor is installed in a pre-defined location. The monitor enables the customer to view videos, virtual tours, and other information about properties and developments.

Marinakis Property Developers
November 2022
The Approach and Service Provided

This was a great opportunity for Fidelity to work with the designer at the start of the project.   Our goal was to provide advice on an Interactive Digital Signage Solution that would fulfil their needs for  Advertising, Video Clips & Events, and other notifications. 

We continue the strategy to communicate product details, videos and new projects by using Professional Digital Signage Totem, Marinakis Property Developers are using Digital Signage to build their brand by installing:



Once the hardware had been chosen it was delivered to  Marinakis Properties in Larnaca, so they could design and test the content. Marinakis Property Developers can now have an interactive digital display to use to showcase their properties and developments.

Ensuring that Marinakis Properties has an innovative and creative digital signage display to capture customers’ attention.

Marinakis Properties - Totem Installation

Fidelity Technology Solutions  worked closely with the Design Company to deliver the required Digital Signage Totem.



Digital Signage Project

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