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    All the information your visitors need

    Place infokiosks into strategic points and share useful information.
    Any kind of media is supported and the system is multilingual.

    Control easily and quickly what what and when will be projected by all communication devices at your place.

    Share with your visitors useful information and give directions.

    Inform about your products and services and promote offers and advertisements.

    Choose the one that fits your business

    Horizontal and vertical monitors, with a variety of designs and colors to choose from.
    We also offer the ability of engraving your own logo on the infokiosk’s surface, so that it fits perfectly into your facilities.

    • Adjustable at your own company profile.
    • Your content is saved and secured.
    • Unlimited space for saving your data.

    Touch screens, filled with the content you choose.

    Share information about your products and services, your facilities, points of interest, while offering a new experience of customer service.

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